The innovative way restaurants can use QR codes

Whether you’ve worked in food service or you’re simply an at-home chef, we’ve all experienced trying to function in the kitchen with an unexpectedly broken appliance. You spend time searching shelves for the instruction manual only to resort to searching the internet for possible answers.

restaurant QR codes

And while this creates a minor inconvenience at home, broken equipment can result in major loss in both revenue and labor for restaurants.

It’s vital for restaurants to be able to quickly and efficiently address equipment issues and reduce downtime. We are proud to have recently worked with Bojangles to do just that, through an elearning platform and a tried-and-true technology: the QR code.

What are QR codes?

Quick response codes work the same way as traditional barcodes. Your phone or tablet can scan the matrix of dots within the QR code, and it will direct you to a digital resource. QR codes can lead to websites, videos, an elearning portal, social media platforms and more.

How restaurants can use QR codes

hands holding a tablet showing a large QR code

QR codes are not new technology by any means. Indeed, restaurants have been using them for years, and they have become especially useful and popular during COVID-19 to help customers access contactless menus.

Digitec Interactive (now Apti) partnered with Bojangles to turn this on its head, using QR codes to reimagine what in-store support looks like.

The restaurant is deploying a new toaster to its locations, and this equipment features a QR code placard. The code leads to elearning resources that include vendor-provided videos, user documentation and interactive troubleshooting procedures, designed by Digitec (now Apti) on a mobile-responsive site. All employees need to do is point a smartphone or tablet’s camera at the QR code to unlock resources that include the most common service tasks.

The goal is to make information accessible for team members, as well as to get equipment back online quickly so the restaurant can be fully operational and mitigate below-standard guest experiences. So far, this has been so useful for Bojangles that the chain plans to roll out the system for other equipment.


Elearning at work doesn’t have to be complicated. QR codes are a simple, effective and efficient way to implement smarter troubleshooting for restaurants of all sizes and service levels. All it takes is looking at existing technology in a new way and a truly smart elearning solution designed to be intuitive for users.

If you’re curious about what elearning software is best for your business, contact us and let’s find the right solution for you.

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