Digitec Interactive is Evolving: Introducing Apti!

Over three decades ago, our journey began with a few minds fueled by ambition and an ethic of doing more with less. From humble beginnings as a media production company, we’ve emerged as a dynamic force in the Learning & Development (L&D) industry. What began as a compact team in Orlando has blossomed into a diverse organization with team members spread across the continent.

While growing alongside an industry that was still finding its feet over the past three decades, and continuing to build on our strengths, we’ve identified an opportunity to elevate our purpose, our products, and our identity. Now, we are setting off on the most thrilling chapter of our brand evolution to date; Digitec Interactive will now be doing business as Apti.


Why Apti?

Our industry is vibrant, ever-evolving, and brimming with creativity. As a prominent voice in this space, we recognized the need for a name that truly captured our spirit, our ethos, and our “why” for doing what we do. Thus, Apti – short for ‘aptitude’ – was born.

Technology and trends are progressing faster than ever. While we have always prioritized upskilling and continuous improvement for ourselves and our customers, Apti helps us embody these ideals in a more meaningful way. We aren’t just creating content or digital solutions, we are fostering changes in behavior, building capability, and getting real-world results.

Apti represents the energy we generate for every project and the care we take in all aspects of our work. Our new identity reflects our drive to push boundaries. And it signals our desire to infuse passion, devotion, and joy into everything we do.  When one needs a reminder of what our company is all about, just take a look at our name.


A Promise to You

To our valued clients, both current and future, we pledge that everything that made Digitec exceptional will not only endure but thrive under our new identity. Approachability, humanity, and expertise are the cornerstones of our service, and they will continue to guide us as we begin this new phase of our journey. Where challenges arise, we see opportunities for innovation. Where others perceive boundaries, we see a field in which to unleash our creativity and effect positive change.

For our existing clients, Apti remains committed to honoring Digitec’s legacy and improving its strengths. And to those yet to join us, we extend a warm invitation to experience our new and improved selves. Together, let’s chart an exciting new course filled with collaboration and boundless possibilities.


Let’s Write the Next Chapter Together

As we embrace our transformation into Apti, we eagerly anticipate all the partnerships and experiences that lie ahead. We’re thrilled to write our next chapter. We look forward to adding ever-increasing value. And we can’t wait to create long-lasting memories with each and every one of you.

Let’s accomplish amazing things together!


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